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Online 5-week workshop from
Official Photographer of the Mariinsky theater
from Basics to Creating Art and Building Photography Business
Learn How To Become Professional Ballet Photographer in 5 weeks

January 2021

5 weeks

20 minutes a day

How many mistakes, unacceptable photos you made?
How much time and energy you lost just because you are trying to shoot dancers as a portrait or event photography?
Think of these. These are hard facts
Star Professional Dancers
It's almost impossible to arrange a photoshoot with professional dancer not having a huge portfolio.
Not enough information about ballet photography
Even trying to develop your skillset you could find only personal and very expensive lessons with no result guarantee.
Too expensive photographers
You have to create dancing portfolio for dancing school, for scholarship, for an audition. You already paid for ballet lessons, now you have to hire photographer everytime not being sure in result.
Everyone with decent camera is a professional photographer.
Everyone has same skillset and same portfolio. You are always competing. That makes you to lower your prices and treat your passion as a regular job.
Overexcited kids
Overexcited kids causing even more troubles than demanding professionals. And you want to save all the best moments of your kid dancing career.
Stuck Between a Hobby, a Passion, and a Job
You are great photographer, but what's next? Excibits? Leaving your Job? Working in theatre?

More than 80 of my students all over the world already developed themselves as professional ballet photographers
Ballet dancers about working with Darian Volkova
Isabella Boylston

Principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre in NYC
"I had such a wonderfully creative and inspiring experience shooting with Daria. As a dancer herself, she truly understands the line and harmony required to make a beautiful, expressive photograph, as well as bringing a dancers work ethic, rigor, and discipline to the work that she creates."
Calvin Royal III

Principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre in NYC
"I loved working with Darian. We shot together twice. Once while she was visiting NYC pre-pandemic, and the second time a couple months ago for Elevé dance wear through CLOS app virtually. Both times, she made me feel so calm and comfortable working together. I've always been amazed at her ability to capture the true essence of any person in front of her camera. Darian was a dancer, so her instinct for beautiful dance shapes and lines is second nature. She's amazing!"
Steven McRae

Principal dancer at Royal Opera House, London
"Darian combines her love of Dance and Photography through an understanding of both worlds that combine the art forms in a spectacular way. It was a pleasure working with Darian at the Royal Opera House and I hope that we will meet again soon!"


"I'd like to share my knowledge with photographers. How I feel ballet and understand the art of ballet photography!"

Workshop created by Official Photographer of the Mariinsky theater

- Former Ballet Dancer

- The editor-in-chief of

- Published in The Washington Post, Instagram Blog, Metro, Practical Photography, ELLE, Broadway Dance Magazine, eToday, CPANet, The Post Internazionale, ADME, Kurier, My Modern Met, Metropoles, Russia Beyond the Headlines, gbTimes, Dance Spirit, and others.

- Works with prima ballerinas and soloists of major theaters in 20 countries around the world

Workshop Agenda and Your Results
ABC of Ballet Photography
1. What is Ballet Photography
Definition of the ballet photographer, comparison to other area

2. The Importance of Ethics in Ballet Photography
How to build a trusted reputation and be a professional for a dancer

3. Ballet terms

Rules and how to be confident in working with professionals

4. Ballet basics. Basic poses. Positions to start
TOP 5 for daily work
      WEEK #2
      Preparation for Studio Photoshoot
      5. Choosing a studio
      How a studio affects the result

      6. Light: Light schemes
      Working with natural and flash light

      7. Prepare your model
      How to choose Professional, Adult and Young Model

      8. Hair and makeup for ballet photoshoot
      How to combine Light, Makeup and Hairstyle
      WEEK #3
      Behind the scenes. Working on stage and backstage
      9. Stage and Backstage
      How to work discreetly, so as not to interfere with the artists. Comprehensive list of the essentials.
      Diagram of main shooting points from the stage
      Comprehensive list of the essentials.

      10. Ballet studio
      11. Shooting from the theater auditorium: Reportage turned art
      WEEK #4
      Daily routine of ballet photographer
      12. Angles
      How to place the model in the shot, difference of angles or how to correct a pose

      13. Poses
      How to come up with a pose and where to start when you don't have any ideas

      14. Body parts photography
      "A Portrait of an Artist" is their legs and feet

      15. Jumps
      Jumping is a difficult task for both the photographer and the artist. How to shoot dynamics

      16. Duet
      Difference in male and female poses. How to combine dancers in a duet

      17. Young Dancers
      Everyone is different. What a child of a certain age can do
      WEEK #5
      Achieving best results
      Best result is when ballerina likes the photos and her colleagues wants you to wark with them. How to achieve it?

      18. Processing
      How to choose a good shot. Selection of photos. How to tell that the shot is good.
      Camera Raw and color correction
      Photoshop and the key points of retouching
      Preparing a photo for social media

      Printing and presentation
      Print Settings
      Paper Choice
      How to present
      The packages for participation
      1 of 5 Self-Study
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      Weekly skill tests
      1 Graduation exam
      Weekly homework assignments
      Graduation Project with analysis from Darian Volkova
      Chat (WhatsApp) with Darian
      Full access to our digital community
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      Self-Study Module

      PRICE $198
      • 1 of 5 self-study module
      Self-Study Program

      PRICE $689
      • Unlimited day-to-day access to the entire program (More than 20 lessons)
      • Weekly skill tests
      • 1 Graduation exam
      Entire Program Plus Coaching Sessions with Darian Volkova

      PRICE $1880
      12 seats available
      • Unlimited day-to-day access to the entire program (More than 20 lessons)
      • Weekly skill tests
      • 1 Graduation exam
      • Weekly homework assignments
      • Graduation Project with analysis from Darian Volkova
      • WhatsApp Chat with Darian
      Full access to our digital community

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